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Scientists are showing that the COVID-19 vaccines, which produces spike protein in your body, is causing severe trauma to blood vessels.

The article I wrote, that you have censored, had to do with the spike protein being the thing that causes COVID-19 to be so deadly, which means having your body produce it will cause the same problems, despite not being part of the virus.

It's not misinformation or disinformation.

You're censoring sourced information based on peer-reviewed studies.

This is insanity and I find it disgusting. But don’t worry — I published it elsewhere on Vocal and you can find it if you Google Op-Ed Daily & Vocal.



This is why it irks me every time a so-called 'financial expert' tells people to not rent and to buy only because of [reasons].

It's expensive to own a home. Aside from housing bubbles, houses aren't really something should be forever appreciating in value, ESPECIALLY when the owner cannot afford to keep the property maintained, or, refuses to maintain the property.

Buying a home should be a point of pride, no doubt, but it should NEVER EVER EVER be viewed as an investment, unless you are wanting to become a landlord.

Your home is not an investment opportunity, it is not an investment, and you are not likely to "make money" from the house you bought to live in.

There are a lot of reasons to buy a home, but "financial investment" isn't one of them.



She will get a pass because she has a vagina and skin color to fall back on.

If you criticize her, you'll be labeled either a racist or a sexist ... or both.

I realize I'm making a broad generalization here, but it's what we continue seeing take place when being critical of pretty much anything these days.

Criticize Israel, you're automatically dehumanized as an 'antisemite'.

Criticize a black person, you're labeled a racist. Criticize a gay person, you're a homophobe.

Nevermind that you can be none of those things AND be critical of someone. That's too logical for people.

Instead, it's racist, sexist, xenophobic, antisemitic, etc. etc. etc. etc.

Sick of it, to be honest.