Americans May be Spared the Worst of Corona Virus

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9 min readFeb 5, 2020


(Disclaimer: this title was chosen at the time because had I titled it in a way related to the contents, 1/2 the US population would never have read it — the title is not indicative of the purpose of the information within it)

I’m starting to believe, with increasing confidence, that the United States will be largely spared from the pandemic that’s going on currently (despite WHO’s reluctance to call it that).

Why am I feeling this way? Because I believe the US likely has a cure or treatment for this already.

So how did I come to this conclusion? Let me explain:

The United States engaged in a trade war with China. One of our hardest hit sectors — as a direct result of the TW — was agriculture: grains, pork, poultry.

Over the past year — while the trade war became seemingly more standoffish and intense — the Chinese have been dealing with some very, let’s just say, “unique” occurrences.

Planes were having navigational issues when flying over certain parts of China. They traced these navigational issues (which were occurring on all sides of their country: N, S, E, W) back to pig farms. Yes. Pig farms.

Pig farms wired with electromagnetic purification systems because of Swine flu dispersal

The Chinese government then realized that the pig farmers had to purchase anti-drone equipment that disrupts the navigational components of a drone. Unfortunately, it also disrupted the navigational components of aircraft.

Why would pig farmers need such unique equipment? Because drones were flying in and spraying their pigs with Swine Flu. China lost 40% of its pigs to swine flu as a result of these drones.

And what are they dealing with now, as the 2019-nCoV outbreak is happening? Bird flu. They’re having to slaughter thousands of birds because of a bird flu. While it’s true that Bird flu has been an issue in the past, it’s quite coincidental that drones are attacking their pigs, an outbreak of a novel Corona virus occurs, then bird flu breaks out.

Now, the articles above claim that “Chinese gangs” were to blame and that these “Chinese gangs” were forcing pig farmers to sell their swine-flu pigs for next-to-nothing after the gangs sprayed their pigs.

The problem? Chinese gangs are territorial and generally stick to their locale, but these pig farmers were being attacked in all parts of China. That’s the first questionable part.

The second questionable part is that Chinese gangs are capable of using a bio-weapon being carried in on drones manufactured to spec. All drones found were identical. Hundreds of them.

And the units to contain swine flu? The labs required to grow swine flu? These aren’t things that even most countries have access to, let alone some “gang” in China. It is unlikely that a ‘gang’ could pull this off by manufacturing their own drones, building biological containment units designed to disperse viruses without affecting other areas as well.

The most likely scenario is that some country built drones, grew swine flu, created mechanisms for dispersal, and attached those mechanisms to drones to kill off pigs. Who do you think has both the capability of doing that, as well as a reason to do that? I’ll let you figure that one out.

But the story doesn’t end there.

Remember the story floating around about the Chinese-Canadian scientists that supposedly stole Coronavirus for the Chinese government and shipped it to Wuhan?

Yeah, that didn’t happen. The guy who first started this rumor is a man named Kyle Bass.

The problem with that rumor? Well, if you click on the link in Kyle’s tweet (and actually read the story), it says nothing about the scientists stealing biological weapons and says nothing about Wuhan.

In fact, the scientists weren’t even arrested. When the Canadian government was asked about this rumor, they denied that it was true and even pointed out themselves that the scientists weren’t even arrested.

Don’t believe it? Read the article.

So, the tweet from a guy I had never heard of is what sparked Zerohedge, Blacklistednews, and other ‘alternative news’ sites to write articles about Chinese-Canadian scientists having stolen and transported bio weapons to China.

That got me thinking: who the hell is Kyle Bass?

Kyle Bass owns a hedge-fund company called Hayman Capital Management. Before that, he worked for Bear Stearns.

We all remember Bear Stearns, right? Well, Kyle was the Senior Managing Director for Bear Stearns. Bear Stearns was a company at the forefront of the subprime mortgage debacle. They were part of the creation of those packaged mortgages bundling prime and subprime together while lying about it.

Kyle was also at the front of this, so he knew what was going on and he waited until the house of cards was about to crumble and began hedging AGAINST those bundled mortgages.

No surprise to those who knew, the financial collapse came, Kyle made millions, and would continue his pattern of hedging against things he knows will collapse.

What does this have to do with China?

Despite his Twitter-hate of Chinese people, culture, economy, and everything in between, Kyle has received millions from Chinese companies such as RenRen (Facebook of China).

For years, Kyle invested in Chinese companies and Chinese companies invested in his company, Hayman Capital.

But Kyle never hedges against something he isn’t certain will fail. This pattern continued after his hedges against subprime mortgages. He began suing pharmaceutical companies for patent violations. Not because the companies were creating drugs patented by another company, no. He was suing them for re-patenting drugs that only minor tweaks were made to.

He would then hedge his bets against the company as the lawsuits came to a close and once the lawsuits were finished, the pharmaceutical company’s stock would flounder, and Kyle (as well as Chinese companies) would make a lot of money.

This information can be found here: (look at his Shire put) and then here:

So we know that Kyle has a history of shorting only a sure bet. We also know that Kyle has had no issues involving himself with Chinese companies to turn a profit.

So why, then, all of a sudden last year, did Kyle do a complete 180 on China. After being pro China, he then became completely anti-China.

You can see the seething China-hate in his Twitter profile: Kyle’s Twitter page. It’s page after page after page of posts railing against China.

That wouldn’t be without merit, necessarily, because a lot of people hate China, but coming from a guy that loves money more than his own ethics, there’s something more at play here.

I kept thinking to myself — what would cause Kyle Bass to go from making millions from China to making him hate China, and then I ran across a Bloomberg interview.

Kyle says that he doesn’t “have a vested interest in China’s currency anymore. I think this is such an important moment in time for U.S. national security that all the work that I’ve done over the last seven years is moving more into the political sphere than the financial sphere.” (emphasis added)

Bloomberg stated that “in a follow-up interview … Bass declined to elaborate on when he closed the position.”

So, wait, what? National security? Kyle is now basing his hedges on National Security concerns? This revelation caused me to dig further into Kyle’s connections to either the military, the CIA, or the Trump administration.

Then I found the link in a Propublica article.

Tommy Hicks Jr. is the hunting buddy of Donald Trump Jr. They’ve traveled the globe together, killing birds, deer, etc. Lifelong pals (or so it would seem).

Okay, so what does that have to do with Bass? A lot, actually. Kyle Bass and Tommy Hicks Jr. go way back. Tommy Hicks Jr. and Donald Trump Jr. go way back.

Tommy Hicks manages to set up an inter-agency meeting with Bass, Hicks, the Treasury Dept., and possibly the CIA given the emails obtained by ProPublica state that the meeting took place in Langley.

So at about this same time, Bass pulls a 180 on China. Bass knows something no one else knows. Given Bass’s historical hedges, he only bets against that which he knows will collapse in some way. He’s betting against the Yuan.

And then, Swine Flu is being dispersed over pig farms in China, then a deadly outbreak in China occurs 2 weeks after the US sends 300 military personnel to … drumroll … Wuhan. That was October 19th. The first recorded corona-virus case is believed to have appeared on November 2nd. The date range of first viral infection Oct 30 — Nov 29.

The Novel Corona Virus (2019-nCoV) has an incubation period of up to 14 days. First case showed up “no later than” November 29.

Then, the US Navy bans soldiers from using TikTok, a Chinese video sharing app. Then the Army gets the same ban.

And now it all starts to fall into place. The Pirbright Institute filed a patent for an attenuated Coronavirus in 2015 (not necessarily the 2019-nCoV), granted in 2018.

Kyle, at this time was still receiving investments from Chinese companies RenRen (and others).

Then, in March 2019, Canada’s National Microbiology Lab shipped Ebola and Henipah viruses to Beijing. Unrelated to anything to date, but helps seed the conspiracy that Chinese-Canadian scientists smuggled deadly pathogens to Wuhan.

Four months later, Chinese virologists were removed from a level-4 lab but were not arrested and the Canadian government refuted any possibility of a risk to the public for the termination of the Chinese virologists.

Three months later, Event 201 happened. Johns Hopkins, in conjunction with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, brought together 15 leaders of business, government, and public health to simulate a scenario in which a coronavirus exploded through the world population. (videos in link above — very telling, though the mainstream is trying to play it off that this coincidence is just a coincidence)

At some point during this (and just prior), drones were being used to kill pigs across China and Kyle Bass decides to short the Yuan (bets he doesn’t make unless he knows the thing he’s shorting will fail either by manipulating the company’s outcome or having insider knowledge of the stock).

The day after Event 201 happened, the US sent 300 military members directly to Wuhan. Roughly two weeks later, the first case is reported of the Corona virus. Just over a month later, China is then forced to quarantine its people to prevent the spread.

Keep in mind that the rumor of Chinese scientists having been fired for shipping Corona virus to Wuhan is a lie and it was started by a man betting against the Yuan who also has ties to the Trump administration and was part of an inter-agency meeting in Langley, home of the CIA headquarters.

Coincidence after coincidence after coincidence.

It is because of the circumstantial evidence that we see pointing a finger to the US government being responsible for the outbreak that reduces my concern for Americans. We shouldn’t breathe a complete sigh of relief, however. Anyone willing to kill millions of any ethnic group would likely not care if hundreds of thousands of their own died in the process.

It wouldn’t make sense for a country to attack another country with a bio weapon unless that country already has some form of treatment against it. Let’s hope, for the sake of Americans, that this is the case.

The Trump administration has already stated they could win a war in a week without using nukes, but doing so would kill 10 million people.

Propaganda is seeded into the alternative news cycle, family friendly hedge-fund managers are brought into the loop to ensure someone gets rich, and directed attacks on the very things being argued over in the Trade War all point in the same direction.

It’s still possible that this was an accidental breach within China. It’s also possible that some other country attacked China with biological weaponry. But based on the coincidences we see here, it’s more likely that the Trump administration used a bio weapon to hurt China’s economy.

If so, it’s clearly working.