Will Donald Trump go Full Authoritarian Tonight @ 9pm EST?

Donald Trump may declare a national emergency tonight and attempt to take over the internet, media, and government in an effort to bring home the ‘W’ to his ever-dwindling white nationalist supporters (though some are good people, I assume. (cue rimshot) ).

Okay, so maybe not that extreme just yet. Trump probably won’t kill the internet. I mean, if he did that, how would we ever get his tweets from his royal throne at 2am where he tells us how his crowds were the biggest in history?

Nah, he’d never deprive us of the ability to hear himself bragging about how big his hands are or how rich he is (tax returns?). What he might do, however, is look for ways to scare the crap out of everyone. He’ll probably work to take over FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc. That way he’ll be able to control search results & make sure the American people only read the truth when they google “King Trump.”

He might even declare anyone who hires, feeds, helps or houses brown-skinned people crossing (or already across) the border as a terrorist, freezing bank accounts, stealing assets, etc. This part seems most likely.

Trump may also intern all Mexican-Americans, similar to FDR’s Japanese internment camps. He’ll say they’re all in it together, so they must all be rounded up (starting to sound familiar?). All he needs to do is declare that the nation is in a state of national emergency, then start ordering his cronies to wreak havoc across the United States.

Whatever Trump chooses to do, it’s likely going to be to an extreme.

Many readers may think to themselves “oh whatever — he’d never do that because the Supreme Court wouldn’t let him” or maybe “Congress won’t let him” or even “he can’t do that!”

He can pretty much do whatever he wants to do, or at least whatever someone else is willing to carry out. The Supreme Court has been destroyed by him and Congress has no actual ability to do anything to the President. Sure, they can sue him, drag him behind a closed door, but suppose they find him guilty of high crimes & misdemeanors — then what?

Do you think Pelosi — ever the politician — would order the feds to handcuff him? Do you think anyone in their right mind would try and subdue the President? Nope. Won’t happen. We would be stuck with whatever extreme thing Trump is sure to do in the next two years, and that’s assuming Trump doesn’t get the Russians to hijack the next Presidential election. That’s also assuming Trump doesn’t declare another national emergency, then declare martial law, and remain in power forever.

Do you really think that’s not possible in the United States? Think again. It is possible. At this point, sadly, it’s probable that Trump will do something to that extreme. Why?

Because Trump has to bring home the ‘W’. He loves himself and he thinks everyone loves him. He thinks he poops golden turds and expects everyone else to think the same thing.

But if you DON’T think he’s amazing, has big hands, or that his crowds were bigger than ‘the black dude’, then he’ll dismiss you as either an enemy to this nation or ‘Fake News’, or, just a stupid liberal.

Trump is devoid of emotion, people. Trump has zero empathy for anyone. He proves this every time he praises people like Duterte, who is killing his own citizens by the thousands, then boasting about it.

Do you think that when Donald Trump says Duterte is doing an unbelievable job on the drug problem in the Philippines or when he praises Xi Jinping for becoming President for life and Trump says he wants to try that some day that he’s kidding?

Please don’t be this naive. No, I’m not calling for everyone to grab their pitchforks just yet, but the fact is that this shift from a democracy to a dictatorship has happened several times in the past and is currently happening around the globe today.

Everyone should watch his upcoming rant and listen to what he says because when Trump says things — even if you think he’s kidding — he means them. That has been true thus far, despite many believing that Trump sometimes just runs his mouth and doesn’t mean what he says — he absolutely does mean what he says; that’s how he has committed crimes against humanity, treason, and sold our nation to foreigners in plain sight.

A lot of people were fooled once. Don’t get fooled again, because it affects everyone.



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